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Backups and Data Redundancy

On site backups have been taken over by ICT Empire, the new cloud backup platform is provided by Phase Change - please follow the links in the names for updated information.

Backup iconBackups or data redundancy are so often overlooked and it is truly one of those things you want to kick yourself for after the fact. When in fact it needs not be a headache to start with, Easy IT can even come to your business and perform a free analysis and recommendation based on our free "initial contact" analysis as described on our home page.

Each backup solution is proprietary to its intended use as each network/client's requirement is different. Due to this, it is not easy to package a backup solution as a product or list it here as various options, we do however provide a standardised backup plan with standardised hardware and all the software required to fulfill a specific job.

To list but a few examples of backup solutions we provide and currently maintain or manage as standard:

  • Simple user managed folder synchronization to an external "flash drive" via free software
  • Scheduled windows desktop backups to a USB hard drive
  • Real-time Macintosh backups via time machine to a time capsule
  • Windows server based scheduled, managed backups to a disk based NAS device via Symantec Backup Exec
  • Scheduled Microsoft Exchange, SQL server and System State backups via Symantec Backup Exec remote agents to various media's
  • Linux desktop and server backups via RSYNC
  • Online "live" backup sets for third party mail servers
  • Data duplication as a secondary backup set to an online FTP location
  • Complete site redundancy by means of WAN syncing to a completely automated "fail over" site
  • Secure remote storage of backup media, yearly backup sets etc.

As can be seen from the above, the solution that best suits your needs might not be listed but we can most certainly provide it.

Our normal process followed to provide a suitable backup solution to you will be:

  1. A complete analysis of your business process, critical data locations, applications containing your critical data (Pastel etc.) and its configuration (multi user server based etc.) is performed.
  2. Your requirements and expectations are discussed based on a set of questions to guide you through the process.
  3. An action plan is put together to consolidate your data, standardise the backup process and keep final monetary and time costs as low as possible.
  4. A quotation is prepared with detail based on all the above and presented to you for approval.

The most widely requested and therefore implemented solution usually adheres to these requirements:

  • It is a scheduled automated solution based on work shifts
  • It is a managed service - we monitor the backups and ensure that it functions correctly 100% of the time
  • 4 data copies are kept of which at least 2 are kept off-site at our office in a secured location
  • Annual data are kept for 5 years
  • All critical data will be covered - mailboxes, Pastel etc.
  • Those very important items usually overlooked by inexperienced IT consultants are especially covered - System states, Active directory, service configuration files etc.
  • Quarterly restore tests are performed
  • The solution is covered by an encompassing SLA that guarantees its effectiveness - removing any fears you as an end user might have.

Please also remember that backups tie in very closely to a company's disaster recovery plan and that we also strongly suggest that this is put in place. Please also have a look at our online Internet based backup solutions.

Remember - Backups are only as functional as their recovery process!

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