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Apple Macintosh Specific

This service was taken over by ICT Empire - please view updated information here.

Apple reseller
We are proud to be an Apple Authorized reseller and quite passionate about this platform and the way it creeps in to all our lives.
The biggest benefit of all (the same principals we apply to our other products and services) also apply here:

  • We supply, install and maintain all Apple products (Hardware and Software) available in this country.
  • We do not deal in any "grey" products ensuring that the full warranty is available locally and internationally.
  • We believe the consumer should benefit from reduced costs and our margins are therefore as low on Apple products as with everything else we source.

We are also quite happy to support multi faceted networks or businesses that might function on a hybrid solution consisting on Windows, Apple and Linux based systems and we love to help Windows users set up their IPads or IPhones to sync seamlessly with their existing business solutions.

This all eventually leads to the inevitable answer "yes, it is a viable alternative, yes you can open and edit your documents on a Mac".

Specifically with this in mind, we also offer services to answer the following questions:

  • Full conversion analysis - what needs to be done for you to seamlessly move to a Mac?
  • What programs will work, what programs will not?
  • Will it work on my network with my server?
  • Can I integrate it with my existing phone/contacts/calendar?

For some further useful or at least interesting reading, please visit the following external links:

  • "Mac 101" - the basics of using an Apple
  • "Why Mac" - why should you consider it as an alternative at least
  • "Switch to Mac" - a very comprehensive resource dealing with basics to the more advanced
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