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We Offer an extensive range of services on 3 experience tiers that encompass the design, implementation, support and maintenance of entire IT solutions. It is however so easy to overlook a part of our service range, due to its sheer breadth. Similarly, it is close to impossible to provide a listing here detailing all the services we render. Our core services are however more than likely computer support, remote IT support and tech support services.

It is for this particular reason that we believe it is always best to give us a ring or send us an email should you have any IT related queries, the chances are pretty good that we have dealt with a similar request in the past and do in fact offer those services.

*If you see this text it means you clicked directly on the Services button which means there is a lot of text below this to work through, we appreciate that you want to read up about us in detail but we suggest that you perhaps use one of the sub buttons on the drop down to find what you are looking for a bit faster.


Being a value added service rpovider we tend to provide solutions to any need a customer might develop so please feel free to contact us for more info on anything not listed on our website - including but not limited to:

  • VOIP and PBX as well as hosted and cloud PBX solutions
  • Printer services and hardware repairs - including game consoles etc.
  • Consumable suplies - paper, new and refilled guaranteed print cartridges etc.
  • Backup solutions for your desktop, servers or entire network
  • Bulk mail list and SMS solutions
  • Any addons to our standard hosting package
  • Customised hosting solutions


Server / Desktop and Network Support

On site support is provided by ICT Empire, cloud based support by Phase Change. Please follow those links for updated information.

We provide 24/7 computer support, Server, Desktop and Network support, maintenance, repair and consulting services for the following platforms:

  • All Windows Servers and server services or applications such as Exchange, MS SQL, ISA etc.
  • All Linux Servers including Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE etc.
  • All Windows Workstations (Desktops/Laptops) from Windows 3.1 onwards
  • All Linux Workstations (Desktops/Laptops) including Ubuntu, SUSE etc.
  • All Apple Workstations (Mac's and Macbooks)
  • All networked devices - printers, switches, routers etc.
  • All brands - Canon, HP, IBM, Dell etc.
  • All Proprietary software - Microsoft Office, Pastel, Adobe products etc.
  • All open source software - Open Office, Irfanview, VLC, Joomla etc.
  • All other IT related items such as media players, camcorders, LCD TV's, Wireless devices, 3G devices etc.

These tech support services are provided "on-site", as remote IT support, "over the phone" or per SLA as both in sourced or outsourced options.

Support structure:

On the support front, we decided to restructure our support system into distinct levels ranging from 0 to 3 with specific technicians assigned to each level. Each level represents a specific technical requirement that coincides with the requisite experience levels as follows:

  • Level 0 is basic support which includes workshop, remote, some ADSL and basic hosting support
  • Level 1 is standard “Desktop” support that includes any and all workstation related requirements as well as basic networking – everything a very small business should need
  • Level 2 is “server” level support including intermediate networking and all Microsoft Server requirements – this is an advanced Level 1 tech for bigger small businesses and those clients that want higher experience levels
  • Level 3 is “Linux” level support including advanced networking and all Linux Server requirements – for the advanced or specialised requirement and for those situations where an expert is required

Each job that is generated on our side is automatically but specifically assigned to one of the levels above. A lower tech is not allowed to work on a job that is on a level higher than his specification but a higher level tech may work on any job deemed lower than his specification based on one of the following scenarios:

  • The client requests it
  • Time constraints require that the job be attended to when a lower level tech is not available
  • The tech wants to handle the specific job

It is important to note that the time of each level will be billed at different rates based on the following outline:

  • Level 0 @ R330 per hour (this is workshop related work which the customer generally does not see happen)
  • Level 1 @ R385 per hour (Standard desktop and network support, the standard support level)
  • Level 2 @ R440 per hour (Windows server and more advanced networking support or on the clients request)
  • Level 3 @ R495 per hour (Advanced networking and Linux support or on the clients request)
  • Where SLA customers that purchase enough time on a monthly basis have the benefit of being charged at a lower level rate.
  • It is also important to note that a client will only be charged the higher level rates if they specifically request that level tech for a lower level job.

Please note that our billing time segment still remain the same – 0.25 hour segments for remote or workshop work and 0.5 segments for on-site work.

These changes also mean that certain techs can no longer work on certain equipment or in specific scenarios, this might seem counterproductive but it is truly structured to provide top level support, better service and more focused expertise to all our customers.

How our support time is billed:

  • On site Support is billed in 0.5 hour segments
  • Remote and telephonic support is billed in 0.25 hour segments
  • There is no "call-out fee" but we do bill travel to the customer at our standard rates for the time spent on the round trip from our closest office
  • Travel discounts are provided for return customers on a case to case and SLA basis.
  • Discounts are provided based on volume or SLA
  • Our standard rates can be seen in the tables below
Western Cape Region:
Time segment Rate in ZA Rand excluding VAT
Normal Level 0 R330.00 per Hour
Normal after hours Level 0 R495.00 per Hour
Special after hours Level 0 R660.00 per Hour
Normal Level 1 R385.00 per Hour
Normal after hours Level 1 R577.50 per Hour
Special after hours Level 1 R700.00 per Hour
Normal Level 2 R440.00 per Hour
Normal after hours Level 2 R660.00 per Hour
Special after hours Level 2 R880.00 per Hour
Normal Level 3 R495.00 per Hour
Normal after hours Level 3 R742.50 per Hour
Special after hours Level 3 R990.00 per Hour




Gauteng and Mpumalanga Region:
Time segment Rate in ZA Rand excluding VAT
Normal R440.00 per Hour
Normal after hours R660.00 per Hour
Special after hours R880.00 per Hour

Kwazulu Natal Region:
Time segment Rate in ZA Rand excluding VAT
Normal R420.00 per Hour
Normal after hours R630.00 per Hour
Special after hours R840.00 per Hour





Time Segment Definitions:

  • Normal: Labour performed during normal business hours, Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00 excluding public holidays.
  • Normal after hours: Labour performed outside of normal business hours, Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 08:00 and from 17:00 to 23:00 and from 06:00 to 23:00 on Saturdays and public holidays.
  • Special after hours: Labour performed outside of Normal and Normal After Hours times. That would mean; Sundays (entire day) as well as Working days, Saturdays and public holidays from 23:00 to 06:00

Hardware and Software Supply, Sales, Procurement and Installation

This service has been taken over by ICT Empire.

We stock and supply a very large range of IT related hardware and software products. Since we strive to being a "one stop shop" for our customers and we understand the value that a value added service provider such as ourselves can add to any business by catering for any and all IT related need we are not bound to any specific software or hardware product. There is however some brands and items we prefer and specialize in. Our standardized handling fees ensure that our prices are very often below the norm. We also offer extensive warranty options and all hardware is treated with proper quality control procedures throughout its handling and delivery process.

We are also able to procure any IT related item on request, even in some cases where it is not actively imported to South Africa per say. We are able to cater for large scale supply demands, complete network installations, "new business" installations and and we are able to supply and install all aspects pertaining to the above.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that we commit to longer term relationships and actively provide even lower prices to our SLA and long term customers. We will beat any written quote!

Some of the hardware and software types and brands we supply:

  • Servers - Dell, HP, Super Micro, Proline, IBM, Apple etc.
  • Desktops, Laptops - Dell, HP, IBM Lenovo, Proline, Asus, Acer, Sony, Apple etc.
  • Printers, copiers, scanners - Canon, HP, Lexmark, etc.
  • Upgrade parts, external hard drives - all internationally available brands
  • Microsoft Software - Desktop, Server, Office etc.
  • Open Source Software - Ubuntu, Zimbra, Debian etc.
  • Adobe software - Creative Suit, PDF pro etc.
  • Eset Nod 32, Kaspersky, Bit Defender, Trend Micro etc.
  • Networking devices such as switches routers etc. - all brands including Netgear, Cisco, D-Link etc.
  • Backup and storage devices
  • Uninteruptible Power Supplies - various brands
  • LCD and LED TV's - Sony, Samsung etc.
  • Media centre solutions

Specifically we are resellers and solution providers of the following brands:

  • Apple - all hardware and software, Adobe etc.
  • Dell, HP, Acer
  • Pinnacle Micro, Super Micro, Platinum Micro
  • ESET Nod 32, Kaspersky, Trend Micro
  • Netgear, Linksys etc.
  • Zimbra, VMWare etc.
  • PSS, Microsoft, Asus and many more.

It is also important to note that we pride ourselves in the fact that we deal in no grey products (all items supplied will have a full international warranty), We supply a large variety of refurbished and second hand items with included warranties and we have extensive knowledge surrounding everything we supply, so we are able to provide top quality consultation in this regard as required.


Wireless (Wi-Fi) infrastructure

Please visit ICT Empire for updated information.

We provide an extensive range of Wireless (Wi-Fi, WWAN etc.), infrastructure solutions that is focused on reducing the total cost to the customer.

Our Wireless solutions include:

  • Secured Wireless access points
  • Secured Wireless office network extensions
  • Hotspot solutions and "pay per use" Internet portals
  • Wireless site surveys
  • Secure point to point or point to multi-point long range connections
  • Wireless network conversions
  • Wireless mesh networks
  • Wireless Skype implementations - walk around in your office with a skype phone
  • WiFi signal boosters
  • WiFi repeaters
  • Wireless Internet connections

Feel free to contact us or make use of our free "initial contact" analysis as described on our home page for a free site survey if you have any wireless needs or questions.




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