ADSL - Capped

rubiks_cube_fullThis service has been taken over by ICT Empire - please view updated information here.

ADSL still remains the most popular connectivity method for users and businesses that are looking for a good balance between price (per Gb), performance and reliability. We provide these services as close to our cost as possible due to two reasons; we are a "value added service provider" and would like to genuinely add value to any business relationship and we do not agree with the high cost of bandwidth in our fair country. We consciously provide connectivity fed by various top tier service providers, as this ensures top speeds and "up-time" to our customers.

Custom ADSL Accounts:

We can provide any size capped ADSL account, below are some package sizes.

Smaller packages:
Package size1 Gb2 Gb3 Gb5 Gb6 Gb10 Gb15 GbTopup
Monthly cost R13.16 R26.32 R39.48 R69.30 R78.95 R105.27 R131.58 R13.16

* Please hover over specific entries for more info.


Special packages:
Package size30 Gb50 Gb75 Gb100 Gb200 GbTopup
Monthly cost R201.76 R289.48 R377.20 R434.22 R868.43 R13.16

* Please hover over specific entries for more info.

* Local only accounts are available on request.

ADSL lines and bundles:

These lines are in essence still provided, installed and supported by Telkom, we simply provide this service to enable our customers to pay for both their bandwidth and ADSL line rental through a single point of contact.

For any of these offerings, you require a compatible Telkom telephone line - check your line for compatibility.
For bundles add your chosen line speed to a specific package.

ADSL lines:
Line speedUp to 2 mbpsUp to 4 mbpsUp to 10 mbpsUp to 20 mbpsUp to 40 mbps
Monthly cost: R 131.71 R 241.23 R 346.49 R 472.37 R 657.02

*The line speed is listed as "up to" a certain speed as ADSL is a "best effort" service and the line speed is dependant on your area, distance from the exchange and line quality - it can therefore not be guaranteed that your line will be the maximum speed listed here.

*Costs indicated are monthly.

*Please note that a VDSL Router are required for the 20 mbps and 40 mbps connections.

*The prices for these ADSL offerings are subject to change and are depended on the pricing structure employed by Telkom, bandwidth is not provided as part of any line offering unless it is a bundled solution. Only 1 concurrent connection per bandwidth account is allowed on these packages.


  • All bandwidth is "top quality" - remember, if another provider is cheaper then there is a reason for the price difference. The old saying "you get what you pay for" stands true when it comes to bandwidth and hosting in SA.
  • Almost all Internet services in South Africa are dependent on services provided by the likes of Telkom, Neotel, Vodacom etc. Easy IT can unfortunately not guarantee any such service further than the independent guarantees (or lack thereof in certain cases) provided by these service providers. We do however endeavour to assist customers with managing outages as best possible and completely guarantee those services we have control over.
  • The only guaranteed bandwidth in South Africa is currently via Diginet or fixed circuits, these solutions are listed elsewhere on our website, what is listed here is the value proposition as fixed circuit Internet tend to be cost prohibitive.
  • From our experience, ADSL still offer the best value versus reliability ratio locally. We have seen consumers fall into the trap of going with a cheaper option that end up costing considerably more than a comparative ADSL solution when you add the costs to maintain its reliability and "up-time" to meet the ADSL norm.
  • There are various benefits and "negative" points associated with almost all of the services provided and it is almost always wise to call us to discuss these points before making a purchasing decision.
  • We offer a full range of wired and wireless router options for any Internet connectivity need, we have a preference to certain brands due to its low maintenance costs and also offer installation and configuration services.
  • We provide IS, MWeb nd Altech based capped, uncapped and per Gb bandwidth as well but prefer to provide the alternatives listed here as it offers a superior experience for a negligible premium.