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Domain Registration and Transfers

Phase Change has replaced this service with an updated offering - please view updated information here.

A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy on the Internet - as if that makes it any more understandable ;P Simply put, it is a name on the Internet that can be reserved for use by a person or entity.

We are able to register any domain internationally available and offer domain registrations, updates and annual renewals as a "direct to customer" service or in some cases "on behalf of the customer" where their anonymity is requested. We also offer dispute resolution and purchase negotiation services as well as domain transfer services between any two hosts. Below is a list of the more popular domains and their annual cost.

Domain extensionAnnual rate - registration / renewal / update
.co.za R 75.00 per annum
.com, .org, .net, .info, .biz R 129.00 per annum
.eu R 159.00 per annum
.mobi, .pro R 209.00 per annum
.co R 249.00 per annum
.cc R 299.00 per annum
.hk R 679.00 per annum
.tv R 349.00 per annum
.at, .tw R 359.00 per annum
.jp R 589.00 per annum
.si R 689.00 per annum
.us R 105.00 per annum
.ch R 309.00 per annum
.de R 235.00 per annum
.co.uk R 129.00 per annum (two-year minimum cycle)
.org.za R 228.00 (once-off payment - only non-commercial entities can apply)
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