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Google Apps and Cloud business servers


Phase Change has replaced this service with an updated offering - please view updated information here.

Google apps integration:

We provide Google apps integration and conversion services, guide our clients to the best possible implementation to use and support the Google Apps platform as it is a great solution to modern business needs.

For the best up to date information on what these solutions can provide for your business please contact us for a free consultation and have a read on the official Google Apps page here.

We believe in not demoing the solution to a customer as it can miss key features that might be of benefit to you. We rather follow a hands on analysis approach where we determine the following:

  • Your requirement / what you want to achieve on an IT level
  • Your current infrastructure and IT process
  • Your expectations of the solution

This then allows us to cater the implementation to your specific needs and the process is entirely free up until the deployment phase.

Cloud Business Server:

Our Cloud Small Business Server or SBS is a complete business server that provides for all the needs of a modern small and medium business and it can act a Network Gateway, Unified Threat Manager (UTM), Office Server, Infrastructure Manager, Unified Communications Server, File Server, Mail server, Application Server or any combination of them above. 

No on-site infrastructure required.

Our Cloud business servers are based on our virtual cloud servers and we can provide both Windows or Open Source implementations that will suit your networking needs.

Windows implementations may require additional once off or annual licencing fees while our Open Source implementations use primarily free software and require no licencing fees.

Cloud Business Server options:
Package: Linux Linux Pro Windows Windows Pro
.co.za Domain name yes yes yes yes
File server yes yes yes  yes
Web, FTP Server yes yes yes  yes
Application Server yes yes yes yes
User Management yes yes yes yes
WebDAV, Backup etc. yes yes yes  yes
POP Mail yes yes yes  yes
Full mail collaboration no Zimbra no  Exchange
Basic mobile access yes yes yes  yes
Full mobile access and syncing no yes no  yes
Monthly server management and SLA yes yes yes yes
Complete data redundancy yes yes yes yes
99.9% uptime guarantee yes yes yes yes
Additional set up time no no no no
Estimated Setup / User R 100.00 R 100.00 R 100.00  R 100.00
Monthly / User R 100.00 R 151.75 R 100.00  R 165.79


  • The setup and rates per user is negotiable and dependant on the user volumes, for very small setups of 5 or less users the per user cost might be higher to cover the cost of the server.
  • The virtual server cost is not included and needs to be added - we will guide you as to which server will be suitable for your needs
  • Any of the above servers are also available as on-site options where the hardware and software can be purchased outright, rented form Easy IT or provided as a service to you as the customer
  • A 24 month contract is required for any of these servers
  • A money back guarantee is included


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