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Internet Services Overview

web3We provide a plethora of web based, "hosted", "hosting", online marketing, software as a service, web design and development services as value added options to our customer base. Since quality has always been paramount to ensure that these services add value to any relationship as the name suggests, a lot of customers realised that these are also superb free standing services.

Our Internet access offerings include all the popular ADSL technologies such as uncapped ADSL as well as specialised services such as Diginet, Wireless, Dial-up, Satellite and 3/4G connectivity options. Our Hosting solutions are divided into Linux and Windows based infrastructure - as some developers prefer the one over the other and our hosting servers are hosted locally, in Germany and in the USA. Hosted services provide a set of services usable in various circumstances such as online backups, fax to email, cloud computing solutions etc. while our online marketing solutions ensure that business is driven towards you through your online presence. Let your website generate some leads!

It is impossible to list all the Internet services we offer here so this section mostly covers the most asked for solutions. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything you might be interested in that we do not have listed here and we will be happy to see if it can be accommodated.

Phase Change has replaced this service with an updated offering - please view updated information here.

SYSTEM_UTILITIES_COLORWe actively design, develop and maintain various websites and web applications and are always willing to take on anything new - from basic "one pagers" to advanced integrated web applications.

Our design methodology ensures high contact, hands on interaction to ensure that the "look and feel" of any developed product suits the customers' needs, expectations and any corporate identity that may exist, while fitting the target market, demographic and product or solutions marketed by the website.

Our development methodology on all websites, no matter how big or small, ensure that the following is included for free:

  • It is fully "Search Engine Optimization" ready - it is developed in such a way that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done without any structural changes
  • A XML site map exists and it is submitted to Google - this ensures that Google know about every page you want them to know about (usually everything ;)
  • Is index able by Google - it has been developed following strict principals that ensures the content is "visible" to Google
  • Is indexable by other bots like Yahoo etc.
  • Security - industry standard security principals have been employed
  • Complete user manageability - each product is built on top of a full CMS for free!
  • It adheres to all XHTML, CSS and PHP industry standards
  • It is cross browser capable and tested - it works in all Internet browsers
  • Speed, quality and reliability optimised - all content has been optimised for all three, it needs not be mutually exclusive
  • The result must be an affordable website

We prefer to develop on the Linux platform using PHP and MySQL due to the stability and security this platform provides. Development in other languages like ASP and .NET is however available as well as development on the Windows platform using MS SQL etc. Similarly, we are able to "cross code" any web app or site from one platform to the other and assist clients who has the need to move between platforms for whatever reason.

We are also not blinded by any particular technology and love the freedom and breadth of functionality provided by Open Source Solutions so we tend to use the best tool for the job. For this reason we currently prefer Joomla! as the CMS (Content Management System) of choice for any website and Wordpress for any blog related development. This enables the client to effectively manage every aspect of their website or blog with absolute ease. Why use the wrong tool for a job simply because you might not know how to use the right one!

To this end, we are also skilled in creating custom templates for almost any CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc. Why buy a template that "sort of" suits your needs if you can have one made to exactly fit your needs as part of the design process?

 For your convenience we have put together a couple of basic website development packages:

*Hover over some items for more detailMicroBasicStandard
Custom web design yes yes yes
Number of web design concepts - custom Joomla tempalte etc. 2 2 3
Number of pages 3 5 10
Number of words per page unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of images per page 2 4 8
CSS, XHTML and PHP coding yes yes yes
Artwork retouching and resizing yes yes yes
Meta data - Unique page titles yes yes yes
Meta data - unique page descriptions yes yes yes
Meta data - unique keywords yes yes yes
Entry level SEO optimisation - xml sitemap, submission and keywords yes yes yes
Custom website Icon yes yes yes
Fully user manage- and editable yes yes yes
Contact form no yes yes
Drop down menu's no yes yes
Image gallery no yes yes
Keyword analysis no no yes
Social media integration - Facebook, Twitter etc. no no yes
Price: R 2 800.00 R 3 850.00 R 6 650.00

Please contact us for a free consultation, questionnaire and quote - and remember, the above is a very basic outline for your reference, anything is possible!
Feel free to have a look at our Portfolio and we do offer graphic design, corporate ID, printed media and other traditional marketing related services as well. Please complete this contact form for further info.

Internet Gateway Solutions

Untangle2Our standardised Internet Gateway Solutions provide unprecedented IT system security and Internet access control and is based on the proven and mature Untangle platform consists of three distinct packages with an annual fee per device that covers the software, the maintenance thereof and any changes to the configuration as required as well as all support cases relating to the solution provided. Due to the sheer breadth of features provided, it is impossible to include the initial configuration or hardware costs as it is heavily dependant on any particular configuration or requirement.

*Please hover over a feature for further information

Untangle Solutions
Package Premium Standard Lite
yes yes
Directory connector
yes yes no
Policy manager
yes yes no
Virus blocker
yes yes yes
Kaspersky virus blocker
yes no
SPAM blocker
yes yes yes
Commtouch ASPAM booster
yes no no
WAN balancer
yes no no
WAN fail over yes no no
Bandwidth control yes no no
Web cache yes no no
Unlimited support yes In business hours
1 Hour per month
Configuration backup yes yes no
DOS attack blocker yes yes yes
Captive portal yes yes yes
Phish blocker yes yes yes
Spyware blocker yes yes yes
Protocol control yes yes yes
Firewall yes yes yes
Intrusion prevention yes yes yes
Open VPN yes yes yes
Reports yes yes yes
Monthly cost per device (Workstation, Mobile device etc.) R 75.00 R 56.00 R 30.00

We also offer custom enterprise class installations based on either Linux server solutions that enable an extensive list of other network and server services to be provided from one device or device based Internet gateway solutions such as Netgear FVS gateways, Sonicwall, Firebrick etc. Please contact us for a free consultation and quote relating to any of these or in fact any of all of our services and solutions.

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